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Isabelle Chadwell Graduates HS with an Associates in Science from JCTC

Isabelle Chadwell, a senior at Martha Layne Collins High School, will graduate from SCPS on May 25th with a high school diploma AND an Associates in Science degree from JCTC. According to JCTC, "an Associate of Science (AS) degree is designed for transfer to baccalaureate programs at universities. These degrees have substantial general education components. Students who have earned the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will be fully certified when they complete the full 60 credit-hour program designed by a partnership of the Council on Post secondary Education (CPE), the universities, and KCTCS colleges for nearly 200 different Bachelor's degree programs offered in the state. Once certified, students will be admitted to junior-level standing at one of Kentucky's public universities. All certified general education course work will be accepted as meeting up to 48 hours of institution-wide lower division general education requirements."

Maia Langley, Director of JCTC's Shelby Campus said, "Not only is Isabelle an incredibly gifted scholar, but she is a dedicated student who advocates for herself. That is the key. Students have to ask questions and follow the best track. I wish Isabelle the best for her future."  Maia mentioned that Isabelle Chadwell and Colby Eades, also a student at Collins, are the first students from the Shelby County campus to receive Associates degrees before receiving their high school diplomas.

Shelby County Public Schools offers dual credit opportunities with JCTC which is housed at the Milestone Academies on the Shelby Campus next to SCHS on Frankfort Road.

Isabelle heard about the dual credit possibilities as a Freshman.  She investigated and started taking on campus classes her Sophomore year.  "I took Humanities 120, Communications (Public Speaking) and Psychology 110.  I also changed my coursework from AP World Civ and took World History online." 

Isabelle recommends the on campus classes because "communication with professors is very important when you first begin dual credit college classes. Professors will help you on campus. It's very important to learn how to communicate with them."

During her junior year, Isabelle continued her coursework with English 101, Spanish 101 and Math 150, a college algebra credit.  "I really liked the college dual credit experience.  I liked the work load. I lived in Collins library and I'd put earphones in and listen to lectures, write essays, and do the work."

Senior year, Isabelle enrolled in AP Calculus at MLCHS and I took Math 170, an Introduction to Calculus, concurrently.  "The content is similar so it helps me and it will help me ont he AP Calculus Test on May 14th. I take that test in the morning and then at 5:30 the same evening I will graduate from JCTC with my Associates degree. The ceremony is at 5:30 in Louisville." 

When looking for colleges, Isabelle said it was important to find a college or university that would accept her credits. The University of Louisville will accept her associates.  She plans to attend to major in Subcellular Genetics and minor in Chemistry. She said that she has been in the Biomed program at MLCHS and is drawn to the study of genetics. "Precision medicine is interesting because based on your genetic composition certain medicines will work better and this is what I want to do!" Isabelle plans to get a doctorate and wants to do research in genetics.

Isabelle is excited about living in a dorm and experiencing city and campus life.  "I went to a medical camp -- the Future Leaders in Medicine -- in Chicago and loved it!"

While she will attend the JCTC graduation on May 14th and will possibly be named Valedictorian for MLCHS (possibly!), she will not be able to attend graduation on May 25th.  "I have been an active member of Odyssey of the Mind.  Our team has the World Competition at Michigan State University on May 22 throught May 25th. They recognize seniors at the competition and hold a special graduation for them." Isabelle has been involved with Odyssey for many years and is excited about her final competition.

Shelby County Public School covers two dual credit classes a semester. The courses cost $169 a credit hour beyond that. JCTC offers transfer advising so that credits will properly transfer to colleges and universities. Students who receive the associates degree with excellent grades and high honors are eligible for a Transfer Scholarship from JCTC. 

For more information regarding dual credit,

or call Maia Langley, Director of Shelby Campus, at 502.213.2144.

Best wishes to Isabelle Chadwell.  We are proud of you and your accomplishments!