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Shelby County Area Tech Center Collaborates with Harborage Developer

The Shelby County Area Technology Center offers our students and students from other counties incredible real world opportunities.  Welding instructor Chad Farris and his students recently collaborated on a project with Harborage developer, Mr. Tim Redmond.  

"Mr. Redmond came to me and asked if we could do the sign.  I quoted him a price and he paid for materials."  

Several of Mr. Farris' proactive students worked to design the sign.  They used a computer program called Plasmacam’s CNC plasma cutting table and software. Students must learn to use the software program and then have the skills to complete the project.

Josh Johnson, Josh Mullins, Jacob Ritchey and Bryson Davis, SCPS juniors, worked to deliver the final product.

Mr. Chad Farris, the welding instructor at the SCATC, attended the Garrard County Area Tech Center when he was in high school.  He loved welding and always finished assignments early. In 2008, he was told he was the best welder at the GCATC.  He became the instructors right hand man and helped teach others in the class. Mr. Farris has first hand knowledge of the importance of technical education.

Like the SCATC, Garrard County ATC offered Co-ops for their students. He worked at the G&W Machine Shop in Richmond and had the possibility of turning that co-op into a full time position but decided instead to go to college. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Farris works as a freelance welder. "With the contacts I've made, sometimes people will ask for welding jobs to be completed at an hourly rate." 

SC Area Tech Center has several students interning in our industrial community. Projects like the one that Mr. Farris' students complete for Mr. Redmon are welcome at the SCATC. Mr. Farris encourages his students to work in the field.  A welder fresh out of a two year program could earn $16 - 18 an hour.  A competitive rate is anywhere from $22 to $25 an hour depending on experience and ability.

Congrats on a job well done, gentlemen! Thank you, Mr. Farris, for offering real world experiences to our students and helping them develop their skills.

To view a video of the making of the sign, click here.