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Dr. Neihof Answers Questions about MCMS, Fall Break and Communication

Shelby County Public Schools appreciates questions and thoughtful feedback from parents, students and community members.  Below are some questions that have been brought to the board and to the Superintendent.  Dr. Neihof has provided answers.  Should you have any other questions, we welcome communication at our open board meetings and through email.

Q - Is the school going to be ready on September 3? 
A - We talk with our general contractor and architect daily. Their answer is still yes. If the answer changes, we will notify parents via our digital messaging system.

Q - Is the project completion status on time?
A - The project has been off schedule since early on due to rainfall. Since the project began last August, we have had over 50% more rainfall than in the 100 year average for that same period. (40” average vs. 63” this year)

Q - Some families scheduled vacations for Fall Break. Will there be grace given if people miss school on the days previously designated for Fall Break?

A - School will continue as normal on those days and the law governing absence from school will be followed. We will provide as much flexibility and understanding as the law allows. This means that parents can use parent excused days if they want to vacation.  We allow all work missed on parent excused days to be made up. We will ask teachers to be creative in the assignments while still teaching and assessing for mastery.  If parents have more specific questions that school staff cannot answer, they may direct their questions to Mr. Clark at the Central Office. 

Q - How will the superintendent keep us informed about construction progress?
A - Superintendent Neihof's July video will be shared the last week of July and will contain the next community-wide message from the superintendent about construction progress.