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MCMS Contingency Plan Will Be Utilized



Video Script from Dr. Neihof's August Update: MCMS Contingency Plan

I want to provide the public with four pieces of information today: 

  1. Give you a quick overview of the fantastic school we are building
  2. Provide a construction progress update
  3. Announce the postponed opening of MCMS
  4. Share the contingency plan for MCMS teachers and students


OVERVIEW: The Marnel C. Moorman School is organized into three neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is self contained and allows students to be flexibly grouped according to where each is in his or her learning progression. Additionally, each neighborhood has a large commons area for project-based learning. The neighborhood commons areas nearly eliminate the need for corridors and space utilization. (2% of the space is devoted to corridors.) While the innovative design offers expansive learning spaces it also gives consideration to safety. Each self-contained neighborhood has interior restrooms so that entire neighborhoods can be kept locked down throughout the school day if needed while students and teachers are free to move within the neighborhood.


PROGRESS UPDATE: Since the project began last August, we have had over 50% more rainfall than in the 100 year average for that same period. (40” average vs. 63” this year) With approximately 20 work days per month, this pushed the project back by as much as three months. We are pleased to announce that while we are behind schedule, we are not three months behind. Thanks to Parco Construction, our general contractor, time has been made up. 


While the school board members and I are very excited to open this new school, we want to make sure the quality of the project is not compromised by pushing the contractors in ways that compromise craftsmanship. The delays caused by so much rain in the winter and spring have not been overcome and, as you can see, the project is still significantly behind schedule. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: School will begin for all Shelby County Public Schools as scheduled on September 3. The Marnel C. Moorman School building will not be used for the month of September. Instead, we will use a contingency plan for students assigned to attend the Marnel C. Moorman School.


THE CONTINGENCY PLAN: In our July update we announced that “in case” the Marnel C. Moorman School was not ready for occupation by September 3rd, we would create a contingency plan to ensure school starts on time.  After meeting with contractors this week, I have made the decision to utilize the contingency plan for MCMS. 


1st: All redistricting will be in effect for the 2019 - 2020 school year. MCMS students will remain together with their teacher and their class and be located in designated areas in host schools. 


2nd: Morning pick-up times and afternoon drop-off times for MCMS bus riders will not change. 


3rd: After school care for grades K-5 will be provided for MCMS students at the host schools.


4th:  All courses in the MCMS schedule will be provided.


5th: Shuttle buses will provide transportation for athletic team practices after school. 


The following MCMS grade levels will attend these HOST schools: 


  • MCMS Kindergarten students will be hosted by Southside Elementary in rooms 119 and rooms 204.
  • MCMS Grades 1, 2, and 3 will be hosted at Clear Creek Elementary in the Media Center classroom, along with rooms 104,105, and 210.
  • MCMS Grades 4, 5, and 6 will be hosted at the Blair Center on the Southside Elementary Campus. Students will utilize the classrooms in this facility along with the large conference spaces.
  • MCMS Grades 7 and 8 will be hosted in the East Wing of the second floor of Collins High School previously used for the 8th grade. 


Preparations are under way to set up these spaces for MCMS teachers and students. MCMS families can expect an email with more information from Principal Donna Jones regarding the back to school bash and opportunities to meet the faculty and staff before the start of school.


The week before MCMS is ready for students to occupy, we will plan a field trip for students to visit the school to alleviate possible worries about a move so soon after the start of the school year. We want students to be excited about their new school!


Thank you for working with us to make Shelby County a great place to learn.