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SCPS Launches Competency Based Education Website

SCPS Launches Competency Based Education Website


The Student Achievement Division of Shelby County Public Schools announces the launch of a new website.  The website explains the district’s vision of utilizing Competency Based Education to instruct lesson design for students.  The major components of the SCPS CBE plan are explained. They include:  


  • Competencies and standards
  • Mastery
  • Personalized Learning
  • Equity
  • Digital Dashboard


Competency based education asks students to master standards or to demonstrate mastery on determined competencies.  With this model, students are empowered to make decisions about their own learning. Through assessment, students create a body of evidence of their learning. Based on their individual needs, teachers and adult mentors provide support and feedback.  Student progress is not measured by the number of hours spent in a class, or “seat time”, instead their progress is measured on their evidence of mastery. Learning takes place through different pathways, different amounts of time and based on the needs of the individual student.


On the website, an educational blog chronicles Shelby County Public Schools’ journey in Competency Based Education.

Learn more about Competency Based Education at the new site, Shelby Competency Connection,