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JJ Black, Principal at Heritage Elementary, Recognized as Everyday Hero by WKYT

(Shelbyville) Morris Wrenn, the uncle of Aubrey and Kendall and brother to Diana Monroe, held a sign that said, “Because of your compassion towards our family, your school, and your community, you have been selected as WKYT’s Everyday Hero Winner! Congratulations Mrs. Black!”


On Wednesday, February 12th, faculty and family gathered to celebrate Mrs. Black in the library at Heritage Elementary. Ms. Diane Monroe and her family nominated Mrs. Black.  She shared stories about Mrs. Black’s abilities to connect with the families and students in her school. 


“Mrs. Black is always in the car rider line greeting students and parents.  One day my three year old, at the time, Kendall, decided to yell “Hello” at Mrs. Black and Mrs. Black yelled “Hello” back! Everyday it became a game for them. The game continued for five years.  Morris has Down’s Syndrome and some people ignore him sometimes. JJ’s friendship with Morris has grown. If Morris likes you, you are a friend for life. Morris even stops in the summer to come see JJ.  Mrs. Black and the Heritage staff have always made us feel a part of the family.”


Ms. Monroe continued, “ On a professional level, Mrs. Black is a strong and compassionate leader. She puts her heart into everything she does as an individual and as part of the Heritage team. You won’t find a better school, in my opinion, and a big part of that is Mrs. Black’s efforts to want our children to succeed.  Our children come home motivated about projects and their learning.” 


Ms. Black is known for her compassionate attention to others.  Cards when children and families are ill; cookies at Christmas; and supporting families of children with sick children. Ms. Black quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. and said that she emphasizes education but also wants to build character.  “She wants her staff to be phenomenal in the classroom yet know how to speak and reach the students and their families. She wants the students to respect each other and show kindness to others.” 


We are thankful for WKYT’s recognition of one of our district leaders.  The staff and family enjoyed food from the Athenian Grill in Lexington, Kentucky.