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Dual Credit Info from JCTC and SCPS

Attached is a video  and message from Maia Langley, JCTC Campus director, regarding their coursework for dual credit.

Remember, students can reach out to high school counselors or Ms. Burkhardt, College and Career Readiness Coach, through email if they have questions or needs. - SCPS - Collins - Shelby - Shelby - Collins
Maia Langley's email is - if you have questions for her. 

I am copying a link to a video that I have made accessible to all students - I am not sure if everyone has been checking their emails as of late but I wanted to keep you informed about options for students to still receive advising and student services as well as what to expect when Monday rolls around.  
Spring Break is over this Friday (Sunday night if you count the weekend) and classes will resume as expected on the 23rd - but, with one major change: there will be no face-to-face classes on-campus and all on-campus coursework will be moved to online until April 4th.
Please watch the video in the link below to learn more about what to expect and how Shelby Campus can support you, our student.  
Please reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions - I am here to support you as are all of the staff and faculty at our campus - which is also your campus.  While I'm not physically in the office every day, I do list multiple ways that you can contact me at the end of the video.  I have CC'd Sandra Clemens, Shelby's Education Specialist, on this email as well.
Best to you,
M Langley
Additional Information: I just received an email that we are organizing online tutoring options for students so I will keep everyone updated about this opportunity as we have a more defined process in place.  


Maia M. Langley
Director, Shelby Campus

Jefferson Community & Technical College


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