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SCPS and ATC Alum to Serve in COVID-19 Facility in New Jersey

Hailey Hayden is a 2018 graduate of Martha Layne Collins High School.  As a freshman in high school, she began taking health sciences courses at the Shelby County Area Technology Center.  Her health science teachers, Ms. Sherry Allen and Ms. Jennifer Willard had a strong impact on who she is and where her career is headed.  While at the Area Technology Center, Hailey worked to achieve her Certified Nursing Assistant certification while in Ms. Willard’s class. A CNA is a healthcare professional who assists patients with various healthcare needs, under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. As a CNA, Hailey helps patients with their basic living activities such as bathing, shaving and brushing teeth and even eating. CNAs talk to patients during their duties and listen to what they are saying about pain and their needs. They then report that information to RNs and other medical professionals. As a CNA, Hailey also tends to wounds and medical needs as well as taking vital signs for reporting.


“I like being there for people when they’re in their most vulnerable state,” said Hailey. Currently, Hailey is attending Eastern Kentucky University and is working toward a Bachelor of Science in nursing. She also works for Baptist Lexington as a CNA. 


However, as with most of us living through a Pandemic, Hailey’s life just took an interesting turn. Hailey had just posted a Tik Tok on “How to Get Through Nursing School” and one of her followers sent her information about the need for CNAs with COVID - 19 patients. A facility in New Jersey had a strong need. Health officials in New Jersey are taking on double the patient load, working twice their usual hours and working without the equipment they need. Hailey answered the call and sent her resume. She will receive a stipend for a hotel which is about five miles from the facility and for food.  She will work for thirteen weeks in this facility that is reserved for COVID - 19 patients. She said, “I am scared but prepared and ready to help others.”


Ms. Jennifer Willard said she is proud of Hailey.  “Hailey always had a strong personality and knew what she wanted to do. She was always sure of herself.” 


We are proud of Hailey and wish her the best as she embarks upon this journey to help others. She definitely fits the district’s Profile of a Graduate as she demonstrates her abilities to a responsible collaborator, a critical thinker, an effective communicator, a lifelong learner and, most of all, a global citizen. 


Hailey leaves for New Jersey on April 16th and begins her health care work on April 18th. When she returns to EKU and finishes her degree, she hopes to become a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.