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Dogwood Festival 2020: On Hold

Dogwood Festival 2020 Canceled Due to COVID-19

(Shelbyville, KY) Shelby County hasn’t had a Dogwood Festival in many years. 2020 was going to be the year of the revival of this beloved tradition.  The Shelby County Education Foundation was working to gather arts and crafts vendors, food vendors and to create game stations for the community. They were well on their way! 

Then, the Coronavirus shut down schools and businesses and presented a health threat to our community.  The Dogwood Festival was heartbroken. 

The foundation built for the 2020 revival will carry over to 2021.  The committee is continuing to work toward a festival on the front lawn of the Central Office for April of 2021. The Shelby County Education Foundation has highlighted the Central Office Dogwood trees with white light to send hope that the virus will  move on and that in 2021, Shelby County will have their Dogwood Festival.  The Shelby County Central Office has also been illuminated with green light to show compassion for those who are ill from the Coronavirus and who have loved ones who are ill. 

The committee, composed of volunteers from Central Office and the community, are asking friends to light their dogwoods (or any other flowering tree) from April 25th - May 1st  in honor of the Dogwood Festival which would have occurred this Saturday, April 25th.