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Roll Forming Corporation Donates Metal to SCPS for Hand Sanitizer Devices

(Shelbyville, KY) “Ideas are realized when technology and people come together.”

That is the mission of voelstapine Roll - Forming Corporation, an industry here in Shelby County providing products for agriculture, transportation, construction and aerospace engineering, to name a few. Recently, Roll Forming lived its mission and assisted Shelby County Public Schools with the huge task of educating the children of Shelby County during a pandemic. The company recently donated metal to assist us in the creation of a housing for hand sanitizer bottles on our school buses. 

With recent “healthy at school” guidelines, SCPS has been reinventing how we manage everyday events like transporting children to school. The donation of metal by Roll Forming assisted us in making a device that will house hand sanitizer bottles on our school buses. As kids enter and exit the bus, this device will hold a bottle of hand sanitizer and will be placed on the driver’s side front barrier so that it is easily accessible for students. Huge bottles of hand sanitizer were donated by Jeptha Creed, another community partner and local business. Bluegrass Distillery also provided a discount to the district for hand sanitizer. 

The bottles of hand sanitizer are so large that bus drivers did not have a place to safely place them on the bus. Bus garage mechanics and staff began to discuss ways to mount the bottles for easy accessibility and safety.  Eddie Oakley, Transportation Coordinator, said, “We were brainstorming ideas to help kids and staff stay safe and healthy while on the bus. After researching online, Charlie Lawson designed the model we created.” 

Charlie Lawson, Guy Kamunen, and Adam Pierce, mechanics for the district worked together to create and weld their design into being. They utilized the welding shop at the Area Technology Center on Rocket Lane to create 72 devices

Ginger Carrol, Assistant Transportation Coordinator, said, “We’ve been using the devices and hand sanitizer since we started delivering meals to homes on August 26th.” Bus drivers Scott Collins, Debbie Roach, Tony Thomas and William Coats, and bus monitor Wyena Marshall assisted in spray painting the devices. 

The talent of our staff and the donations from our community partners, like Roll Forming and Jeptha Creed, are much appreciated as we begin a school year during a pandemic. The thoughtfulness and creativity will help us meet our “healthy at school” guidelines that keep our students and staff safe.