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SCPS Returns to NTI Beginning Wednesday, November 18 - November 27

The following letter was sent to SCPS parents and students on Saturday, November 14th at 11:30 am: 

Dear Shelby County Public Schools Families, 


Over the past several months, SCPS leadership and the SCPS Board of Education have kept a strong vigilance over the COVID-19 virus in our county and the nation. Regardless of the low incidence rate within our schools which can be viewed daily on our website, Shelby County and the surrounding counties have seen a recent surge of COVID-19 cases. 


SCPS has instituted mitigation strategies to keep our staff and students healthy and safe while maintaining in-person learning. Our teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and custodial staff are to be commended for their cleaning and sanitizing protocols and our students deserve high praise for following masking and physical distancing rules and regulations. Parents have helped the school community by taking temperatures and keeping students home when they are ill. 


While these measures have helped us to continue in-person learning for several weeks, the COVID-19 virus in the community is beginning to infiltrate our school community. Because of increased quarantines and absences among staff and students, we are unable to provide consistency in our current educational program. Going into this school year, we knew we would have possible closures and in previous communications I have reminded parents that each family needed to have a “Plan B” for times like these. Regrettably, due to the reasons listed above Shelby County Public Schools will move to Non-traditional Instruction (NTI) on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020. We have systems in place to effectively navigate this learning strategy. As parents, we need your help through proper communication and upholding expectations. 


Below is the schedule of instruction from November 16th through November 27th. 

Monday, November 16th - SCPS@School/SCPS@Home

Tuesday, November 17th - SCPS@School/SCPS@Home

Wednesday, November 18th - (NTI)

Thursday, November 19th - (NTI)

Friday, November 20th - (NTI)


Monday, November 23rd - (NTI)

Tuesday, November 24th - (NTI)

Wednesday, November 25th - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Break

Friday, November 27th - Thanksgiving Break


Our current plan is to utilize Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) for five school days prior to Thanksgiving Break. We will communicate further plans beyond November 27th in the coming days. During this time please call your child’s school to report any illnesses or Covid-19 information to the school nurse. Also, continue to check the Shelby County Public Schools website for information where we will update our Covid-19 incidence rates even during the coming Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days.


I am beyond grateful for the supportive families who have demonstrated flexibility and understanding during this difficult time. Moreover, I am impressed with our exceptional faculty and staff for creating meaningful learning experiences for our students while demonstrating care and compassion for our students and their families. Together, there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome. We may be tired and weary, but we can do hard things. I am so blessed to be a part of the Shelby County community. 


Dr. Sally Sugg 


Shelby County Public Schools