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Gabrielle Tornow Earns Associate in Arts from JCTC BEFORE graduating from High School

Shelby County High School senior, Gabrielle Tornow, received her Associates in Arts BEFORE graduating from High School. Thanks to a special partnership between Shelby County Public Schools and Jefferson Technical and Community College, Shelby County students can take Dual Credit classes and work to receive an Associate’s Degree. 


Gabrielle has sixty college credits that will transfer with her and serve as electives and general education courses. She enrolled in two dual credit courses the fall semester of her sophomore year and 1 dual credit course that spring. Following that she enrolled in three to five dual credit courses a semester. She enjoyed the fact that the college classes lined up with requirements for high school. Gabrielle also has Advanced Placement credits that will transfer to her college in Government and World History. 


Gabrielle said, “I like that the college classes meet two days a week and then we work independently on our assignments.  It’s nice knowing what college structure will be like as I prepare for college this fall.” 


Gabrielle will attend Liberty University in Virginia where she will study Law and Policy. She hopes to continue on to law school with a focus on constitution law, civil litigation, and the civil rights movement.


In addition to college classes, Gabrielle has participated in choir, theatre, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Talented and Gifted Program and was an overall Scholastic Interview winner for Distinguished Young Women. 


Ms. Tornow recommends the Dual Credit program. She said Ms. Susanne Burkhardt, College and Career Readiness Coach for SCPS, has been amazing as a contact person to help her navigate the coursework and plan for her degree. 


Best wishes, Gabrielle Tornow, and congratulations on receiving your Associates in Arts from Jefferson Technical and Community College. Best wishes for a successful future. 

Gabrielle Tornow, SCHS Senior