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Kelly McNew is the New Workforce Liaison for SCPS

Kelly Samples McNew has served Shelby County Public Schools as the Family Resource and Youth Service Center Coordinator at Clear Creek Elementary for the past six years. Now, she will transition to a new role as the Work-Based Learning Liaison for SCPS. Ms. McNew is a mother of two, wife, and an adored homegrown Shelby Countian, and one of our own former K-12 SCPS students. After graduating from Shelby County High in 2009, Kelly attended Georgetown College to study Child Development, Communications, and Media. Once she graduated, she began her career right here in Shelby County as our Family Resource Coordinator at Clear Creek Elementary. From February 2016 to August 2021, Kelly worked hard to remove non-cognitive barriers in education for our students and families. She described it best in her own words, “this position only increased my knowledge of the many resources available in Shelby County.”

“I have been able to help families with food, housing, beds, school supplies, and so much more through nonprofits and agencies in our community.” 

Before Kelly was a Family Resource Coordinator, she was a motivational speaker and author for her own campaign, I Pinky Promise, which encouraged others not to drive under the influence. In July of 2016, she published her book, I Pinky Promise.

After Kelly's successful six-year career as Clear Creek FRC, SCPS  welcomes her as our new Work-Based Learning Liaison. In this position, she will assist students interested in internships throughout Shelby County and work with local industries to find their needs for student workforce development. She is going to be Shelby County Public Schools communicator between businesses and workplaces and students that desire experiential learning and employment opportunities. She will also work with the Shelby County Industrial Foundation to help accomplish their goals for the workforce in Shelby County and will be housed at the Area Technology Center.

Kelly claims, “The school system is building the future workforce of our community, so it is important that the businesses and industries realize the significance of walking alongside the schools by providing students opportunities to engage and interact with employers while learning to demonstrate essential employability and technical skills.”


Story by Lucy Hasty, MLCHS Student and PR Intern