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SCHS Social Studies Classes Help Flood Victims in Jackson, KY

On Friday, September 30th history classes at SCHS, led by Jeff Bracken and Katie Johnson had the opportunity to travel to Jackson, Kentucky in Breathitt County to assist with flood cleanup.  This trip is part of a service learning unit around natural disasters in our state.  Leading up to the trip, all classes were asked the question, "How can FEMA get it right?"  Through research and inquiry, students have built their background knowledge about historic natural disasters in Kentucky and our response to them.  After generating questions, students were able to interview flood victims, city emergency workers, and a local historian about the impact the recent floods have had on the Breathitt County community and what needs they have that either are or are not being met.   Students also participated in flood clean-up efforts by clearing debris, moving furniture, and restocking food pantries.  The unit will culminate with a guest speaker from Kentucky Emergency Management discussing disaster preparation, warning, and response before students develop their own informed action plan.
students work in Jackson
clean up crew