Solar Eclipse

Posted by JJ Black on 8/14/2017

Hello Heritage Families,

On Monday, August 21st, our students will be participating in a “once in a life-time” opportunity as we view the Solar Eclipse.

Teachers and students have been discussing, studying, and learning about this upcoming phenomenon for the past 2 weeks and will continue through next week.

On Monday, the school, as a whole, will be going outside to view the eclipse.  The district has provided safety glasses for all students to wear and take home.  We will go outside around 1:15. Teachers will be conducting a variety of lessons while viewing the eclipse.  The amount of time spent outside will vary according to age level; however, all ages will be outside long enough to witness the transition of the eclipse and discuss what they see.

 All viewing will be completed by 2:15 in order for students to prepare for our regularly-scheduled dismissal.

 If you and your family have plans to miss school for eclipse viewing purposes, please contact our office at 502 829-5242 regarding an educational enhancement opportunity form (EHO).

 Thank you in advance for helping us make this event truly memorable!


 Johnna M. Black