The Pursuit of Excellence

Posted by JJ Black on 12/1/2017

The Pursuit of Excellence!

In his book An Ethic of Excellence, Rob Berger describes what he desires of his classroom.

 "In my classroom, I have students who come from homes full of books and students whose families own almost no books at all.  I have students for whom reading, writing, and math come easily and students whose brains can’t follow a line of text without reversing words and letters, students who can’t line up numbers correctly on a page.  I have students whose lives are generally easy and students with physical disabilities, and health or family problems that make life a struggle.  I want them all to be craftsmen.  Some may take a little longer to produce things, some may need to use extra strategies and resources.  In the end, they need to be proud of their work and their work needs to be worthy of pride!"

As we pursue excellence, let’s make sure our students are proud of their work and their work is worthy of pride!