Ar"Tavia's" Thoughts

Posted by Artavia Acklin on 7/30/2018

Greetings Team PSE,

I am so excited to welcome you to a brand new school year at Painted Stone Elementary!!  With a brand new year comes changes and continued growth.  The staff is collaboratively working hard to continue to live out our school mission of Loving Each Other, Learning Together and, Leading the Way.  We will continue our focus on educating the whole child:  academically, socially, emotionally, and physically through “The Seven Habits of Happy Kids”, but we a tweaking and adding on some new pieces.

This year we will be pushing boundaries, and breaking with tradition. It’s “All About the Journey…Be the Wild Card”… journeying into compentency based education, presentation of competencies through exhibitions and defense of learning opportunities, Profile of a Panther, pushing thinking strategies, passion projects, project based learning, personalizing student’s learning more through multiple avenues, panther service learning projects, and working the workshop model.

Most of you know start each year with a theme: This year's theme is “All About the Journey…Be the Wild Card”… with the hashtag for 2018-19 being #wildcardsLast year, I noticed several family members that tweeted or posted on Facebook and referenced #gamechangers.  (that made me smileJ).  I encourage you all to do the same this year with #wildcards.   We have so much in store for Painted Stone this year. We can’t wait to share it with you!  As always, we encourage you to be a part of our mission:

We are a diverse school family that is loving each other, learning together, and leading the way.


Mrs. Acklin, Principal