Ar"tavia's" Thoughts

Posted by Artavia Acklin on 12/6/2018 4:00:00 PM

Greetings Team PSE Families,

Last week we saw the draft proposal of the Redistricting Plan. I, like most of you and our families are concerned about the unknown. I was sitting at my daughters basketball game and my phone started blowing up with highly emotional texts, emails, IM from parents. I went through all sorts of emotions when I saw the plan and map in all of its color. If I am honest... I went back to my track coaching days and played this analogy in my head: We have been running a mile relay and have been behind the entire race (heck started last). We have done some great training, and have been running strong with some nice sticks, and finally we start to make a close into the third exchange (at year three). Bam!! The starter shoots, the gun and says... come back to the start line. Start the race over! Mannnnn... I hate when the starter shoots that darn gun again. It makes me NERVOUS!!

We may be in a sense starting the race again, but we will still have the same runners: with the same strong work ethic, the desire to deliver quality instruction that students deserve, and most of all the same strong desire to build loving relationships with our students and families. None of that changes!!

We have a culture of putting kids first. I know… you get tired of me saying it. I am kids first, kids second, and everybody else comes in third and fourth. After getting through crying parents and students on Thursday, I had to pull back reflect on our mission. Devine intervention on Friday, during Lead and Learn drove my reflection home. I sat through a session with Jonathan Vander Els, the co-author of Breaking Through Traditions. When he worked with us about a big idea of "We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose. We cultivate a collaborative culture through the development of high performing teams." I totally branched off from what he was driving home to bring it back to this. I am saddened by the possibility of what the plan holds for us. We are a school family like none other. We are the only family that some of our families have (as two different parents put it). I think about certain students having to leave and the effect change will have on them. There are sooo many other thoughts. In the end, I came back to the culture we have built TOGETHER.

Healthy cultures figure out what we need to do to tackle problems and adversity. A toxic culture explains their problems. As my husband preaches to our children...blaming, claiming, and defending the situation. We do not have a toxic culture. We have a healthy culture. We will work through change. Remember, nothing is written in stone yet. I encourage you to attend the forum December. I ask that you please go in with an open mind and clean heart. Respectfully make your views and opinion known. Please know that whatever happens, know that I will advocate for our babies regardless.

Climate is how we feel, culture is what we do. --Dr. Anthony Muhammad


Thank you for helping and supporting us as we continue to… love each other, learn together, and lead the way.