Back to School

Posted by Ryan Allan on 8/1/2018 4:00:00 AM

Welcome back! I have been anticipating the beginning of this school year since last year ended.

Anticipation is a strange emotion. It’s exciting because you’re waiting for something. I’m thoughtful of Christmas morning. “What could be under that tree?” Anticipation can also be a bit frightening because you’re not sure how everything is going to happen. My mind goes to the first time I went camping. “Is it going to rain? Are there going to be bugs? What if I forget something?”

When we experience something new or something that changes from the routine we’ve become used to, we tend to experience a lot of these different emotions. Whether you’re a returning JET or one of our youngest new Kindergarten friends, the beginning of a new school year is a big deal! And we have some exciting things to show all of you.

We’ve got a new playground! - You won’t believe the new playground behind Wright Elementary. We’ve got new equipment. We’ve got 8 inches of rubber mulch. We’ve even got a whole new space to use. The whole playground gives a new feel and a new excitement to our school.

We’ve got a new paint job! - Our halls are so colorful. We’ve covered up all the old tan hallways and have an entirely new look. With blues and greens and yellows and oranges, our hallway colors bring a whole different vibe to our school. You’ll also notice some new decorations to our entrance. When you last saw the school, there were 12 green drain pipes across the front of the school. Now, there are 10 super colorful crayons and 2 huge pencils! Just wait until you see them - it completely changes the look of our school from the front.

We’ve embraced new core values! - We’ve spent a lot of time this summer wrapping our heads and hearts around what really matters to us here at Wright Elementary. We’ve narrowed it down to four core values that we want you to know about. It is important to us that you know where our focus lies. By stating it for you, we hope to keep ourselves accountable and give you the chance to give us feedback about our effort.

J - Joy

E - Empathy

T - Teamwork

S - Service

As we seek to maximize our time with your children, we hope to weave these values into every interaction. Our goal is to joyfully serve every stakeholder (students, parents, each other) with our experienced team. We want to understand and share in the feelings of all, and by doing so, we hope to engage our students in a learning experience that empowers each of them to succeed.

This is going to be a great year!

J-E-T-S  Jets! Jets! Jets!

I’ll see you all soon!

Mr. Green