2019 and Core Values

Posted by Ryan Allan on 1/4/2019

As we look at the second half of the school year, we are thoughtful about all the opportunities we have in front of us this year. 2019 is going to see a lot of changes and be a very exciting year. I'm can hardly wait to see how high our Jets will soar as we round out this school year.

CORE VALUES - This school year has seen Wright Elementary unveil its focus on four new core values. As we are the JETS, we have used the acronym to help us remember: Joy - Empathy - Teamwork - Service. 

Joy is an exciting focus for us this year. We believe that with an environment of joy, students will want to be at school. Students will want to engage in learning activities that will help them succeed. As we all focus on fostering a culture of joy, we know the results will be felt in many different ways.

Empathy is another focus for our school this year. The difference between empathy and sympathy is action. Anyone can feel sorry for another person. It takes an empathetic person to put yourself in their shoes and take action based on what you would like to see happen. We believe with an empathetic heart, we can all make better choices.

Teamwork is our third core value. We know that by building trust and committing to the bigger goal, we are all stronger together. If we embrace accountability and own our learning, we will see improvements in our school and students' lives. 

Service is our final core value. Selfishness is a bitter seed at the heart of many issues in today's society. As we seek to understand and leave the world better than how we found it, we know that a service mindset will improve our overall culture. When we can become aware of the world around us and contribute meaningfully to that world, we will have prepared our students for a better tomorrow.

Our Core Values help define what Wright Elementary is about. They help clarify our purpose. Join us in having conversations with your child about these critical components of successful citizens.