Ending 2019 SOARING

Posted by Ryan Allan on 12/30/2019 1:00:00 PM

Ending 2019 SOARING!


During the months of November and December, our Jets Soared to Success. Performing at the State Capital, serving others by organizing the Week of Giving, 3rd graders traveled to the Muhammed Ali Center to launch their writing Biography unit, and 5th graders visited the Actors Theater of Louisville for a performance of “A Christmas Carol” to springboard their Review writing. We also had visits to Churchill Downs and the Horse Museum. We had visitors in the building to see our exhibitions in 1st grade and in 4th grade. Our 4th-grade friends at Heritage Elementary visited Wright to give feedback to our 4th-grade students on their Exhibitions. To wrap it all up, our 5th grade delivered their musical performance of the year: drums, recorders, voices, bongos, and xylophones. WOW!


Our Teachers developed and showcased their ability to model mini-lessons for students. We crowned some Wright Models this past month: Mr. Betts, Mrs. Metzger, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Gates, and Mrs. Jesse. That certainly started our December off with smiles. We had a festive fun send off to the 12 days before the holiday break: waffles, caroling, hot drinks, classroom messages, holiday wardrobes, dancing, music, smiles, secret gift-giving, raffles, and JOY!


Our teachers were able to bring joy to the whole building with their talents and their humor. Our Staff Talent Show sent our students off to holiday break with lots of SNOW AND A SNOWBALL LAUNCHER!!!!



J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!