Transforming SCHS

Posted by Margo Whisman on 3/9/2018

Be brave

Every few decades or so, a paradigm shift has the potential to occur.  Most of the time, these potential shifts do not fully manifest – usually because there are no schools or districts innovative and brave enough to provide a concrete manifestation of the change in its purest form.  -Robert J. Marzano

Last week I visited two districts successfully challenging the age-old industrial education model.  Envision is a 7-12 tuition free public charter with a 78% F/R population.  It has a decade of experience implementing project-based learning, performance assessments, rigorous academic work, and defenses of learning as rite of passage to graduation.  Lindsay Unified is a K-12 public district with a 90% F/R population.  It has a decade of experience shifting from the one-size-fits-all pace to where learners progress when they have demonstrated mastery and aren’t bound by time or age.  In both places, I heard about & saw many things that looked and felt like SCHS.  What moved me was the “all-in” aspect that permeated both visits.  There was a conviction to break the traditional model that screamed it was not only worth the risk, but imperative for student success.  I returned to KY inspired to push the envelope even farther because I know that SCHS is ready and capable.  I am anxious because risk is scary, but I remain dedicated to redesigning the high school experience.  I encourage every one of you to be brave, take a chance, and fail forward with me as we embark on the next leg of this journey into the great unknown.  The time has come for us to be all-in and fully innovate.  #LoveBLUELiveGOLD