What is a "SnoGo Day"?

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The purpose of "SnoGo" is to embrace an "anytime, anywhere" learning opportunity to continue instruction even when a student is not in a school building.  With no instructional time gaps, learning is sustained and continued; in the end, learning is improved. As a byproduct of this uninterrupted learning in a "business as usual" manner, we have an opportunity to meet the educational criteria for the state in such a way that the day does not have to be made up later in the school year.

When there is an inclement weather event or other unforeseen circumstances that would potentially affect the ability of students to do their learning at their school buildings, we may decide to have a SnoGo instructional day.  An announcement of a SnoGo day will be handled via the same way that other announcements are made (such as closings and delays).

Teachers and staff plan ahead for the instruction that will occur on a SnoGo Day, and will clearly communicate to students their schoolwork requirements.  During the SnoGo Day, it is considered a normal "work day" for teachers and admin; they are available to help facilitate the student learning, virtually and possibly in person at their schools.  This includes answering questions and giving feedback on student work. If a student does not complete work, he or she is held accountable in the same way as if they missed school, and must make up the work in a timely manner.

Please know that SnoGo does not automatically occur every day school is closed.  If SnoGo is not specifically mentioned in an announcement, a closing is simply a day that school is not in session.

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Our first SnoGo Days occurred on January 5 and 6, 2017.  For more information on how it went (including links to local media stories), read this blog entry.