I hear you are a "1:1 district." What does that mean? Do I need to buy a laptop for my child?

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As part of our district vision of twenty-first century learning, SCPS provides each student access to an Internet capable device; this means we have a ratio of one device for every student (one to one, or "1:1").  This is usually a Chromebook for most grade levels, and a MacBook Air for some high school students taking dual credit college classes.  For most older students, this also means the opportunity to take the device home, although for our youngest students, the device usually remains in the classroom.  

You are NOT required to purchase your own personal device.  However, a student may potentially use their own device in addition to their district device, assuming that the student is a responsible user of their technology.  Since rules for personal device usage may vary from building to building and classroom to classroom, please contact your student's teacher(s) or principal for more information.

If a student wants to use their own device instead of the district device, our building techs will make a determination if the personal device meets our instructional needs.  The general guidelines are: the device needs a keyboard, must have a reasonably performing processor and hard drive, and have the ability to install a fully functioning Chrome browser in order to access their Shelby G Suite Drive and extensions/apps.  (Therefore, most newer Windows and Mac laptops would qualify, while most smartphones and tablets such as a Windows Surface would not.)

For a timeline of our 1:1 implementation, click here.

For more information on necessary forms to sign, our Responsible Use Policy, etc., please click here.