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Don't know what to do with all of your expertly crafted slideshow presentations?  Trying to transition from lecture/direct instruction to a more engaging, student-centered tool?  Nearpod is a user friendly digital tool to save the day.  It's basically a guided presentation tool with interactive elements.  Upload your PowerPoint (or using a Chrome extension, "Nearpodize" your Google Slide), then add interactive elements such as polls, open ended questions, and even drawing.  When finished, the presenter can go live, and anyone can join the session (any Internet device will do) via a special PIN number.  The presenter then guides the slides, controlling when and how fast to push them out.  Responses to interactive elements can be seen by the presenter in real time (audience responses can even be anonymously shared!) and a data report can be exported at the end of the session.  Because Nearpod does not require a main screen, a presenter could control it with a mobile device (monitoring responses) while the audience views and interacts on their own tech.

For more information on Nearpod, read this blog entry.