QR Codes / QR Code Generator

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QR codes are an excellent rapid way of accessing material, typically a website.  With a QR code created and displayed, a person usually uses a smartphone or an iPad with any QR reader app (nearly all are free) to "scan" the code and get access to the material.  However, what if you don't have 1:1 smartphones or iPads?  And with something like a learning management system where you can easily just post a link, why bother with a QR code?

To the latter, an argument could be made for the positive kinesthetic nature of using QR codes (walk around and scan...); how QR codes could be part of "self-service" stations, especially for younger learners; how QR codes can be more than just links (for example, they could be a short message of text). To the former, a website called QR Code Generator allows you to scan via your browser; no program needs to be installed.  Just go to the link, give permission to your camera the first time you visit, and you can use your laptop as a QR code scanner!  At the same site, you can also create static and dynamic QR codes to save as images or print.  Lastly, you can now generate a QR code within your Chrome browser; here's how.