Game-Based Learning / Gamification

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Blog Entry: "Game-Based Learning and Classcraft"

Blog Entry: "Creating a RPG adventure for your Classroom"

What Kind of Gamer Brain are You?

Presentation agenda: "First Person Scholar: The How's and Why's of Game-Based Learning" (Google Slides presentation)

Game-based and gamification learning (read this article to see the nuanced difference) have been gaining steam lately as a highly engaging way for students to acquire content, apply skills, and practice the 4 C's (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and cooperation).  The above agenda is from a presentation Adam gave at the 2017 JCPS Deeper Learning Symposium, which has links to recommended books, articles, and resources on games in education.  The Google Slides (and agenda) highlights several pragmatic tools as well, such as Classcraft, Mission U.S., and Legends of Learning; the blog entry on role-playing games also contains links to tools such as Habitica, Lone Wolf Online, and Inklewriter.