Clever Portal (Lexia Core5, Lexia PowerUp, Dreambox, Reading Plus, Apex, and more)

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The Clever portal is the "one stop shop" that ALL teachers and students need to use in order to access Dreambox (K-8), Lexia Core5 (K-5), Reading Plus (6-8), Apex (6-12) and Lexia PowerUp (select secondary students).  Once logged into the portal, by clicking on the appropriate tile, you should automatically be logged into the appropriate platform.

Dreambox, Lexia and Reading Plus are the district supported adaptive learning systems for numeracy and literacy, mainly for K-8 students.  Apex is online coursework for secondary classes; more on Apex in the separate entry below.

The portal also offers shortcut links to other sites such as the district website, webmail, and more.   However, keep in mind they are only links; Clever will NOT automatically log you into any of these sites.

If you are a student and having trouble logging into Clever, contact one of your teachers for support  -- if necessary, they can reset your password!

Remember that anyone with a building admin account (principal, instructional coach, etc.) will need to log directly into Lexia, Dreambox, and Reading Plus.  For these users, do NOT use the Clever Portal.

Start with this page to get important information about virtual PD and resources for Clever and its adaptive learning systems.

Directions for teachers and students to log into Clever, as well as information about Clever badges, are available here.

Directions for how parents can access a student's Dreambox progress is available here.  (Note: there is currently no parent portal access for our other platforms.)

Have an elementary student who has completed Level 21 of Lexia Core5?  Analyze the student data with an Instructional Coach and use this checklist as a guide for next steps.

The link to the Clever portal for Shelby County users is here.