September 2019 Guidance Lesson

September Guidance Lesson

  1. Greet students
  2. Share a little information about me
  3. Learning Target
    1. Today we will learn the steps and process that I need to take to get help from Mrs. Davenport and how guidance will look.  So that I can not waste time and get the correct help that I need. I know I have it when I can get the support I need from Mrs. Davenport.  
  4. Share with students the different ways to get incontact with me:
    1. Talk with your teacher (K-5)
    2. Get a form out of the basket outside her office (2-5)
    3. Use this form on the website:  (2-5)
  5. Guidance agreement:
    1. Ask students what the expectations should be for guidance. 
      1. Follow class rules and promises.
      2. Try
      3. Have them share ideas.
  6. Ask the students what are some life skills, soft skills that they may want to talk about this year in guidance.  (Heritage Habits etc)
  7. If time share with students one of my favorite books the Little Engine That Could 
    1. Ask students to help me figure out which Heritage Habits this book could connect with.  
  8. Talk about how we will end our lessons each time. This year students will have a choice on the last couple of minutes of guidance to transition as well as strategies to help them with coping in different situations.
    1. Coloring sheet
    2. Breathing with with your hand