What will the requirements be for a student to return to school if sent home with a fever?

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A student who has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater must be picked up by the parent or parent approved (in writing) adult. The student will not be allowed to ride the bus home. The Center for Disease Control and the state guidelines say that a student or staff member should be 24 hours fever and symptom free without medications before returning to school or work.  If the student or staff member sees a doctor then the doctor can give them a return date. We have to remember that other illnesses can cause a fever and the doctor can determine if the child may return to school sooner than that 24 hour period.  If it is determined that the students needs to have a COVID test then they should be in isolation at home until that test result comes back. The result of the COVID-19 test will guide the necessity for further need for the student to be absent. SCPS will work with students to provide school work during times of absences to prevent them from falling behind. Communication with the school/school nurse will be key during times of illness and absences.