The latest information from the CDC indicates that the virus is not only transmitted with airborne..

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...respiratory droplets, but is also transmitted through microscopic aerosols. Given that information,  can you discuss how the school buildings will increase room circulation and if the HVAC systems will be able to filter any virus laden aerosols to help prevent the building wide distribtution of the virus ?  

To not only improve ventilation but also to help reduce virus and allergens in the air, we are employing several strategies. The recommended humidity level of 50% can be achieved only with exterior doors and windows closed. Filters will be monitored more closely and changed more often.  Heating and cooling systems will operate for longer periods of time before buildings are occupied each day to improve air flow. I have included Mrs. Barkley on this response because she has been working closely with the facilities team to address these issues.  They are meeting with every school principal as well.