If you are working with one of the younger students that does not have to wear a mask and they...

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...test positive, do you have to quarantine?  Also, would these teachers have to use their sick days every time they would have to quarantine due to a student contracting COVID?

Teachers working with students who are either too young or medically unable to wear a face mask will be provided an additional barrier with a face shield. We understand the difficulty in social distancing at the preschool age and are encouraging administrators to reduce the class sizes to accommodate additional space within the classroom. These measure will help to prevent the teaching staff from requiring quarantine if there is a positive case from a student. However, if that occurs and the health department determines that the teaching staff should quarantine then measures have been put into place so that the staff are not penalized by using their sick time. If exposure happens outside of school, the staff would need to provide documentation to the HR department in order to avoid using their sick time.